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You desire to build wealth with purpose. At Brightway Wealth Management, we invest the time to clearly understand your values, so we know where you want your money to take you.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement is about more than money – it's also about living a fulfilling and meaningful life. With your unique goals and aspirations in mind, we create a customized strategy that aligns with your desired lifestyle. With our guidance and support, you can approach retirement with confidence, knowing you have a comprehensive plan in place. 

Retirement Plan Consulting for Business Owners

The happiness and well-being of your employees are vital to keeping your business strong and successful. When you have their best interests in mind, it's reflected in their performance. We'll help you develop a strong, comprehensive, and personalized retirement plan that benefits both them and you. 

Advanced Wealth Management 

We believe good family succession planning goes well beyond making sure beneficiaries are set up properly. We'll help you pass on the importance of establishing a meaningful legacy of giving to your children.

Our estate planning strategies help provide for the orderly and cost-effective distribution of assets to those you care about most.

Our values-based legacy planning focuses on more than your assets, but your values as well. It's a way to honor who and what you love, celebrate the life you’ve lived, and create a legacy to leave behind.

We also understand the extraordinary nature of philanthropic planning. Let us help you make more of a difference and a more significant impact on the causes that are meaningful to you.

Insurance Planning

A key component of your overall plan is making sure you have appropriate insurance in place to protect your financial goals from unexpected events. We'll conduct a comprehensive review of your needs to ensure that your life insurance and long-term care coverage is appropriate for you and your family.